Prospective Students

Thank you for your interest in the Post Lab. I am looking for students and postdocs that are inquisitive, creative, collaborative, and hardworking. Members of the Post Lab work on questions in and around aquatic ecosystems, on questions related to food webs, stable isotopes, conservation biology and climate change, and eco-evolutonary interactions. For a more thorough description of our research, please see the Post Lab research page.

For 2019 - 2020, I am looking for students interested in studying complex trophic interactions and eco-evolutionary interactions. 

I have emerging opportunities to study whole-ecosytem consiquences of river herring restoration. Questions would span much of aquatic ecology and could include linking ecology and genomics. 

I am also always looking for outstanding postdoctoral fellows to nominate for a YIBS Donnelley Fellowship (which is highly competitive). Prospective postdocs addressing the topic listed above are most welcome to contact me directly about project ideas.

I strongly believe in a stepwise approach to student training. Upon entering the Post Lab, I will work with you to develop a research program that matches your experience, expectations, and goals. I strongly encourage students new to research (at any level of education) to work with me on my projects in order to gain experience in, and develop intuition for, different ecological systems (extremely valuable even if you never work in that system again). As you gain experience, I will help you, and expect you, to branch out and become more independent.

As an advisor, I endeavor to provide my students with the tools, resources, advice, and intellectual flexibility needed to develop into independent scientists. I expect students in my lab to be full and active participants in the intellectual environment of the Post Lab, the Department of EEB, and Yale University, and to be conscientious and professional members of the scientific community as a whole.

So, if you are interested in joining the Post Lab at Yale University, send me an email or stop by my office for a chat (room 426b, Osborn Memorial Laboratories). I am happy to talk with you about your interests. Also, please visit the EEB departmental webpage for information about the graduate program and admissions.

As a prospective graduate student you have a lot to consider when choosing an advisor, a lab, and a university. Here is a web page containing a list of essays and advice I found useful when I was making choices about my graduate career.