Post Lab People

Principal Investigator
David Post's picture David Post
Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Yale University; Vice President (Academic Affairs), Dean of Faculty, and Visiting Wong Ngit Liong Professor, Yale-NUS College
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Postdocs and Fellows
Therese Frauendorf's picture Therese Frauendorf
Postdoctoral Associate - Post Lab
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Katherine Littrell's picture Katherine Littrell
Graduate Students
Matthew M. Dougherty's picture Matthew M. Dougherty
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Petra Wakker's picture Petra Wakker
Graduate School Student
Claire Schraidt's picture Claire Schraidt
Graduate Student
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Andrew MacDonald
Lab Manager and Research Technician
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Phone: 203-812-9580
Research Scientists
Linda Puth's picture Linda Puth
Assoc Ecology/Evolutionary Bio
FASEEB Administration
Phone: 203-432-8099