Post Lab Research

“We should resist the temptation to find some problem that can be studied on a convenient scale, but rather should strive to identify the important problems then ask what is the proper scale on which to study them and how such studies might be carried out if the scale is large.”      Robert May, 1988

The Post Lab studies complex food web structure and dynamics, interactions between ecology and evolution, conservation and management of aquatic resources, climate change, and the role of mobile consumers in linking ecosystems. We work primarily in aquatic systems, but we also study interactions and processes that link aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

Major research topics include:

1) Food web structure and dynamics

2) Eco-evolutionary feedbacks and the ecological and evolutionary importance of intraspecific variation

3) The impact of environmental change on community structure and ecosystem function

4) Landscape linkages

5) Stable isotope techniques 

Related research projects:

The Mara Project - wildlife subsidies, river discharge, and ecosystem function in the Mara River of the Greater Serengeti Ecosystem.