Welcome to the Post Lab. We study complex food web structure and dynamics, interactions between ecology and evolution, conservation and management of aquatic resources, climate change, and the role of mobile consumers in linking ecosystems. We work primarily in aquatic systems, but we also study interactions and processes that link aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

Post Lab News

2 October 2018
The Post Lab has been productive. Members of the Post Lab have had accepted for publication four papers in the past couple months: Boel, M., J. Brodersen, H. Baktoft, A. Koed...
Larry Bowman
19 June 2018
Larry Bowman won the 2018 Elsevier Best Student Paper Award from the International Association for Great Lakes Research for his paper: “A capital breeder in a heterogeneous...
24 May 2018
Kate Littrell and collegues in the Post Lab, UC Santa Cruz, and the CT DEEP have published a new paper on the potential for pre‐zygotic isolation and hybridization between...