Welcome to the Post Lab. We study complex food web structure and dynamics, interactions between ecology and evolution, conservation and management of aquatic resources, climate change, and the role of mobile consumers in linking ecosystems. We work primarily in aquatic systems, but we also study interactions and processes that link aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

Post Lab News

Image by Eric Nyquist
21 April 2014
Richard Conniff wrote a great Op-Ed article for the New York Times on secondary contact between landlocked and anadromous alewife at Rogers Lake and Post Lab research on the...
10 February 2014
A collaboration between Amanda Subalusky and Chris Dutton and undergraduate students in the class “ENAS 118: Introduction to Innovation, Engineering and Design” based in the...
30 December 2013
Another productive year for the Post Lab. Please check out our recent publications. Keep up the great work everyone! 2014 Casey, M.M., G.P. Dielt, D.M. Post, and D.E.G....